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The Journal aimed to promote continues research in surgical discipline on topics such as cardiothoracic surgery, colorectal surgery, craniofacial surgery, Laser Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery, Dental surgery, Endocrine surgery, Gynaecology surgery, Neurosurgery, Surgery in Children etc. Our Open Access Journal of Medical & Clinical Surgery is an international, Online Open Access, peer reviewed journal which embodies the information pertaining to all the correlated types of surgeries to organs and disseminates knowledge in historical, clinical, experimental and current aspects and provides a complete platform for researchers, scientists and practitioners to share their knowledge in surgical issues, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The key purpose is to create the future of the free digital information to the entire surgical community spread worldwide in order to promote the latest discoveries and learnings in the surgical field.

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Latest Articles

Review ArticlePublished on: September 23, 2021
An Evaluation of Patient Outcomes Following Percutaneous Cholecys-Tostomy for Acute Cholecystitis at Our Health Board between 2011 and 2020

Author(s): Syedah Aleena Haider*, Geta Maharaj

Review ArticlePublished on: September 16, 2021
Factors of Inflammation Processes in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Author(s): Roman Kotłowski*

Research ArticlePublished on: August 20, 2021
Outcome Following Neurosurgery of Acute Subdural and Epidural Hematomas in Patients Primarily Admitted to a University Hospital

Author(s): Oscar Björnfot, Elham Rostami, Anders Lewén, Per Enblad*

Research ArticlePublished on: August 17, 2021
CT-Guided Lung Biopsies Performed with A 16 Gauge Needle and Non-Coaxial Technique: Preliminary Experience with Operator Learning Curve Analysis

Author(s): Andrea Contegiacomo, Marco Chiappetta, Anna Rita Scrofani, Ernesto Punzi, Nico Attempati, Maria Teresa Dismissal, Luigi Natale, Stefano Margaritora and Riccardo Manfredi

Research ArticlePublished on: August 12, 2021
Reducing Ionizing Radiation Dose during Ct-Guided Percutaneous Drainage of Pelvic Collections and Abscesses Using Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms: Preliminary Experience

Author(s): Andrea Contegiacomo*, Nico Attempati, Anna Rita Scrofani, Ernesto Punzi, Luigi Natale and Riccardo Manfredi

Research ArticlePublished on: August 09, 2021
Risk factors for postoperative surgical site infection in patients with colorectal cancer: A prospective cohort study from Palestine

Author(s): Adham Abu Taha*, Abdelkarim Barqawi*, Marah Khaldy, Basil Ibrahim and Yusra Dwikat

Research ArticlePublished on: August 04, 2021
The Long-Term Recurrence Rate and Survival of Obstructive Left-Sided Colon Cancer Patients: A Stent as A Bridge to Surgery Versus Emergency Surgery

Author(s): Alfonso Muriel García, Javier Die Trill, Alberto Vilar Tabanera, Irene Moreno Montes, Pedro Abadía Barno, Estela Tobaruela de Blas, Gloria Rodríguez Velasco, Elena Mendía Conde, Juan Ocaña Jiménez, Juan Diego Pina Hernández, José María Fernández Cebrián and Juan Carlos García Pérez

Research ArticlePublished on: July 13, 2021
Postoperative Monitoring of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: How Long is Long Enough?

Author(s): Raymond Kao MD MPH*, Caitlin Gallagher MD*, Brian Rotenberg MD MPH and John Fuller MD

Case ReportPublished on: July 09, 2021
A Rare Presentation of A Retroperitoneal Cystic Teratoma in an Adult

Author(s): Elroy Patrick Weledji and Derrick Nji

Review ArticlePublished on: June 03, 2021
The Relation of Celiac Disease with Mental Health: Literature Review

Author(s): Manahel Saleh*

Research ArticlePublished on: May 20, 2021
Orthopaedic Clinic Versus a Pandemic – Snapshot of Patient Behaviour, Safety Measures and their Impact on Clinic Workload at Six Months after Onset of Covid-19

Author(s): Dalun LEONG*, Hong Lee Terry TEO, Hui-Shan CHAN, Aileen LIM and Sir Young James LOH

Research ArticlePublished on: May 17, 2021
Cardiovascular Diseases Associated Inflammatory Biomarker Levels in a Small Cohort of HIV-1 Infected Patients Deintensificated From Abacavir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir to Lamivudine Plus Dolutegravir

Author(s): Giorgia Be, Emanuela Lattuada, Davide Gibellini, Erica Diani, Ilaria Coledan, Dora Luise, Evelina Tacconelli, and Massimiliano Lanzafame*

Research ArticlePublished on: May 5, 2021
Early Outcome of Repair of Supra Cardiac Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection: Single Center Study

Author(s): Faiz Rasool*

Case ReportPublished on: April 19, 2021
Neurological Manifestations and Porphyria: A Case Report

Author(s): Diego Julián Alvis-Peña* Julieth Gonzales-Ceron, Carlos Hernán Calderón-Franco, Natalia Viviana Arevalo-Tobar and María Paula Alvis-Peña

Case ReportPublished on: April 14, 2021
A Case Report of Massive Haemorrhoidal Bleeding Post Rubber Band Ligation Followed by Pulmonary Autograph and Aortic Root Replacement

Author(s): Daniel John Marascia*

Case StudyPublished on: April 05, 2021
Glimpses on Cystic Swellings around the Knee

Author(s): Thulasivasudevaiah Narayan*, Harish kumar P, Deepak Naik , Pankaja SS and Rohith Muddasetty

Mini ReviewPublished on: March 31, 2021
Association of Sodium Levels with Clinico-Pathological Features in Gastric Carcinoma Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Coastal Karnataka

Author(s): Amulya Cherukumudi* and Nihaz Yusuf Nazer

Review ArticlePublished on: March 29, 2021
Effect of Obesity on Cardiovascular System: Literature Review

Author(s): Midhat Abu Sneineh*

Research ArticlePublished on: February 23, 2021
Osteo-Meningeal Breaches of the Anterior Floor of the Skull Base: Mini Review

Author(s): El Bouhmadi Khadija*, Oukessou Youssef, Rouadi Sami, Abada Redallah, Roubal Mohamed and Mahtar Mohamed

Research ArticlePublished on: February 01, 2021
A Modified Autogenous Duraplasty for Chiari I Malformation: An University Hospital Experience

Author(s): Haiquan Tao, Binbin Gui, Kongbin Yang*

Case ReportPublished on: January 21, 2021
Case Report: Individualized Costo-Sternal Reconstruction after Extensive Resection of Sternum due to Chondrosarcoma

Author(s): Kuleshov AA, Berchenko GN, Korolev PA, Morozov AK, Vetrile MS, Lisyanskiy IN, Makarov SN, Machak GN*, Panteleyev AA, Priorov NN

Review ArticlePublished on: December 22, 2020
Traumatic Nervous Injury of the Upper Limb

Author(s): Atia Dzomo Hervé Sosthène*, Titcheu Flobert ; Fokam Paul and Djientcheu Vincent de Paul

Research ArticlePublished on: December 22, 2020
Musculoskeletal Disorders in Medical and Surgical Residents in a Tertiary Care Center in Pakistan

Author(s): Hareem Usman Khan, Montasir Junaid*, Muhammad Sohail Halim, Anwar Suhail and Sadaf Qadeer Ahmed

Case ReportPublished on: December 02, 2020
The Fate of Syringomyelia Following Surgery for Chiari Type 1 Malformation

Author(s): John R Ouma*

PerspectivePublished on: November 24, 2020
The Microbiome in Elderly Ages

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou*

Case ReportPublished on: November 18, 2020
Medullary Carcinoma of Breast: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Author(s): Amani Saleh Hadi Saeed*

PerspectivePublished on: November 16, 2020
Work Harassment: Psychological Bullying in the Workplace of ICU

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou*

OpinionPublished on: November 13, 2020
Toxic Work Environment in the ICU Workplace

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou*

OpinionPublished on: November 13, 2020
Toxic Work Environment in the ICU due to a Problematic Director and Ways to Deal with it

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou*

Case ReportPublished on: October 28, 2020
Low Dose Single Agent Chemotherapy Cured a Child with Down syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Author(s): Basil Kadhim Abdullah Al odda, Zardasht Bakr Mohammed, Dashti Latif Muhealddina, Zainab Basil Kadhim Al odda, Ghada Basil Kadhim Al odda*, Ali Omer Qadir, Rebwar Ahmed Shrif, Ghazi Ali Fakrealdeen and Khenda Muhammed Abdullah

Mini ReviewPublished on: October 10, 2020
Effective Leadership in ICU

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou* and Konstantina Salpiggidou

Case ReportPublished on: October 02, 2020
Failure to Remove the Ruptured Balloon Catheter of a Balloon-Mounted Stent-Graft during Infra-Renal Aortic Stenosis Stenting

Author(s): Christian Warner*, Anubhav Datta, Kerry Anne Burke, Faris Saleh and Can Hazar

Research ArticlePublished on: September 30, 2020
Prevalence and Determinants of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy/Foot Syndrome in a Rural Population of North India Introduction

Author(s): MD Abu Bashar* and Madhur Verma

Review ArticlePublished on: September 25, 2020
Oral Cavity and Erectile Dysfunction: A Literature Review

Author(s): Akhil K Padmanabhan*

Mini ReviewPublished on: September 23, 2020
The Partnership between Surgeons and Anesthesiologists

Author(s): Evangelia Michail Michailidou*

EditorialPublished on: September 21, 2020
Understanding Spinal Anesthesia

Author(s): Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni*

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